WNEW-A history Pt II4-17-16

William B. Williams: The Lone Ranger

The audio segment above is from “The Home Front” WWII documentary that premier on WNEW in 1983.

The next installment of “At The Start Of Things,” will focus on WNEW’s early years.                                                                      ECB

At The Start Of Things

WNEW-at the start of things


Nearly all information used in “No, Ed Wynn Didn’t Do It,” came through internet links. Those listed below are only some of those consulted because sources with certain types of duplicated or uncontested information are not listed.  It’s worth noting that misinformation and misinterpreted information abound through the internet, to which this effort has no doubt contributed.

Quest For A Third Network: Richard Ward, dept of comm. Univ. of south alabama

WBNX-Amalgamated Broadcasting

Broadcasting: march 1933, wynn announces network effort

Broadcasting: mutual started in September 1934

The Secret Story of Ed Wynn’s Greatest Mistake:

Broadcasting: amalgamated network gets started oct 1933

Broadcasting: directory of broadcasting stats of the united states broadcasting yearbook 1939

Amalgamated Network Gets Started

Ed Wynn “Perfect fool WJZ” 1922. An Encyclopedia of Variety Performers in America

Ed Wynn

Google Books: Elizabeth McLeod, Tonight The Program’s Gonna Be Different: The Life and Times of Ed Wynn

Amalgamated Broadcasting System:

Where The Melody Lingers On: WNEW 1934-19984:Nightingale Gordon, NY

Milton Biow: Milton Biow:

Milton Biow: Biow Co. Advertising Age:

Arde Bulova: History of Bulova Corp.

WAAM: chronology of call letters:

WODA: chronology of call letters:

WNEW: chronology of call letters:



Miller and Block

Miller and Block 1 revised

Miller and Block 2 revised


Miller and Block conclusion revised


Read about and hear Martin Block

Glenn Miller role in Wartime Entertainment

Glenn Miller Orchestra –Moonlight Serenade 







The World's Greatest Radio Station